Divisidero Shell Gas Station,
San Francisco, CA

Capacity: 30.4 kW
Completed: August 2004
More Information: http://www.sustainabletech.cc/
Sustainable Technologies, 1800 Orion St Suite 101, Alameda, CA 64501

Sustainable Technologies designed an innovative support structure to pack more panels onto the canopy, 216 in total. The panels were connected into sections at the shop to eliminate the gap caused by standard clip connectors. The sections were then lifted onto the roof with a crane at night to allow the station to be fully operational during the day.

"It is our small pioneering effort to prevent peak time blackouts in our neighborhood and it is our hope that Shell Oil Co. will follow our lead and put solar panels on their other stations.”


Blue Coral car wash products

Technical Specifications
• 216 Kyocera 167W PV modules
• 12 SMA Sunny Boy 2500U
• 53,000 kWh produced annually
• 3000 ft2 of panels
• 50% reduction in energy
• Custom truss support structure

Green and Solar Powered

Divisadero Touchless Carwash exclusively uses completely green, environmentally sensitive cleaning products.

Facts about carwashing and the environment:
Washing a car at home will use an average of 160 gallons of water. In addition the water run-off, containing the detergents, dumps into our local streams and bay.

Recycling our water: Sediments are routinely removed from our tunnel storage containers by a certified disposal company to be cleaned and recycled into the environment. Our 20 plus years of experience combined with state-of-the-art technology has allowed us to reduce our water usage by 80% per car.

1st Solar Powered Gas Station:
In 2004 we invested in a 30 kW PV system for the Shell station on the corner of Divisadero and Oak. It generates silent, reliable, environmentally sustainable energy. The patterns of midnight blue crystalline panels add a sharp, clean look to the familiar colors and canopy of the Shell Station, a 45-year resident of the corner lot.